The Honorary Consulate General of Nepal in Lebanon honored Caritas Lebanon

21 April 2021

The Honorary Consulate General of Nepal in Lebanon honored Caritas Lebanon organization through the visit of a delegation headed by Honorary Consul General Sheikh Mohammed Wissam Ghozil accompanied by the lawyer for the consulate Mr. René Hatiti and in charge of public relations Mr. Mohieddin Hamza, where a shield of appreciation was provided to the President of the organization Father Michel Abboud in the presence of both the Director of Programs Charbel Zaidan and the head of the Migrants department Ms. Hassan Sayah in Caritas Lebanon.

The symbolism of the honor came as part of the appreciation of Caritas' efforts and actions in supporting and sheltering domestic workers in Lebanon and as an expression of full confidence in the professional work of the organization in defense of their rights.

“Father Michel Abboud expressed his thanks for this honor and stressed on the mutual trust and noted the efforts of caritas team:

Caritas Lebanon is keen to preserve the dignity of the human being and help all those who resort to it in order to do good and to support every human being on Lebanese territory and we repeat any of the Gospel that says "I was a stranger and you welcomed me” to stress that humanitarian work does not differentiate based on religion, nationality, doctrine or belief, the sun shines on everyone.

These workers feel lonely in the face of difficulties, away from their people, their families and outside their country, they lose their support and refuge, and so they turn to Caritas Lebanon in search of a space of hope. We don't rejoice in their presence in front of our door, but we take it as an opportunity to make good and the difficulty lies in the situations we face, so we thank everyone who cooperates with us for the sake of humans."

Honorary Consul General Sheikh Mohammed Wissam Ghozil said:

"This honor from the consulate came late because what Caritas has been doing for decades in sheltering female workers is a great job, especially today and following the dollar crisis, so that they are thrown in front of the doors of embassies and consulates on the one hand or paid in Lebanese Lira on the other, which prevents them from transferring abroad.

The meeting also concluded with the head of the foreign section of Caritas Lebanon, Ms. Hassan Sayah, who said:

"Caritas also intervenes in practice and professionally to resolve disputes between workers and employers, it assigns lawyers to achieve the rights of the abused party, assigns people to facilitate public security transactions and procedures, and provides protection through shelters, listening and many activities, the most