Educational activities in Caritas Humanitarian Centers

During May and June, Caritas humanitarian centers carried on working with students and parents, remotely and in person, according to a clear and pre-prepared program.

The most prominent activities carried out, are the following:

  • To ensure individual monitoring in the classroom and remote group monitoring for the 350 registered students in all centers
  • To provide individual treatment follow-up in the center and remote follow-up for those who did not attend
  • To give a remote training course entitled “Child Protection” for team members in the four centers
  • To follow-up training courses for all workers in the centers remotely
  • To conduct written exams for students in the Centers for Learning Disabilities and carry out evaluation in Feghali Center
  • To provide medical examination, medication distribution, and laboratory tests for students, parents, and staff, in coordination with the medical department in Caritas
  • To hold meetings to evaluate each student
  • To prepare evaluation reports for each student
  • To receive new applications and carry out the appropriate evaluation to determine the possibility of receiving new students in the appropriate class in the center
  • To assign summer homework
  • To prepare for the coming year
  • To prepare short documentaries about various topics and send them to parents to raise awareness and urge them to monitor their children in suitable ways.