If caritas had not intervened

Elias Msallem: "If caritas had not intervened to help us renovate the house, we would not have been able to equip it so it can be habitable".

Elias Msallem's eyes fill with tears every time he recalls the scene of his destroyed apartment in that old building in Mar Mikhael- Beirut, following the catastrophic Beirut port blast on August 4. "Thank God we weren't at home at that fateful moment," says Elias, it happened that we were visiting our town in Chouf, our hometown," pointing out that "we would not have known about the explosion if our relatives and friends didn’t call around 6:10pm, checking on our safety”.
Elias is the father of two married young men and a 22 years-old young girl. They refused to allow him to return to Beirut to check on the house and the damages, for his own safety. "Days later, I went to the apartment, and got surprised: nothing was left in place. Damage everywhere! The apartment was without doors and windows, and all the electrical appliances, were stolen!"
"There was chaos, and I didn't know where to start." Even the floor was shattered due to the damage of the building's water lines beneath it. I wouldn’t know from where to start without the intervention of caritas Lebanon's team, to help us renovate the house and put a central door and new windows with its frames, as well as to equip the apartment with all the necessary electrical appliances that were stolen during the explosion”. Elias thanked the association and all its employees for "all their efforts to support all those who need their help, and to stand by them in order to go through the difficult phase of their life, with the least possible damage."