Caritas fulfilled my daughter's dream

Mrs. Haber: "Caritas fulfilled my daughter's dream of obtaining a tablet to follow her school classes remotely"

The difficult economic situation did not allow Tony Haber and his wife to afford the expenses of purchasing a tablet for their 6-year-old daughter, so that she could follow her classes remotely, like other students in Lebanon, after they weren’t allowed to return to their schools, as part of the preventive and precautionary measures to limit the spread of Corona Virus.
The little girl was trying to join her classes through her mother's cell phone, when her mother received a call from the social worker in Caritas Lebanon, in which she asked her to go to the district center to receive a tablet that had arrived at the center, dedicated to her. "My daughter's heart was full of happiness when I told her the news, says Mrs. Haber. She has always dreamed of getting an electronic tablet, like all her classmates. My phone is old and small, and the internet is bad and slow." She added: "She could barely sleep at night; she was very happy and enthusiastic! and in the very early morning, she woke me up urgently to take her to the Caritas Center to receive the tablet."
The social worker in Caritas could not hide her sympathy and happiness when she saw the child’s reaction. The moment she received her gift, the little girl couldn’t control herself and screamed with joy and kissed the social worker, thanking her warmly.

"Caritas fulfilled my daughter's dream and gave her what we were unable to give," says Mrs. Haber stressing: "We will never be able to thank Caritas family enough, because what they did for our daughter and the happiness that overwhelmed her, are priceless! May God bless Caritas family, and grant them strength, wisdom and success in their daily tasks!”