May 2021

Live Health Awareness Sessions and Psycho-educational support activity for NCD patients

Under the BMZ health project 2020-2023 funded by the BMZ through Caritas Germany, and in order to provide the health care and strengthen the resilience of refugees and vulnerable Lebanese with non-communicable or mental health diseases, the physicians at primary health care centers in Caritas Lebanon (CL PHCCs), conducted, from January to March 2021, 9 live Health Awareness Sessions, for 103 Lebanese and Refugees beneficiaries suffering from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) (chronic illnesses); the topics covered are diabetes - cardiovascular diseases and dyslipidemia. The participants were provided with refreshment, transportation fees, and received NCD brochures related to the same topics. Noting that during 2021, 60 sessions will be organized for 25 participants each, for a total of 1500 participants.

From their side, the psychotherapists at CL health department prepared and conducted a Psycho-educational support group activity, targeting also Lebanese and Refugees beneficiaries identified amongst the NCD patients having different types of diseases, who lost motivation, and are facing difficulties to stick to their treatment plan.

25 sessions were conducted from January to March 2021, in 6 Primary Health Care centers (PHCCs), remotely and on-site- for 42 participants (groups were launched in 2020). Knowing that another 144 sessions will be held during 2021, for 180 participants in the 6 PHCCs.